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MoU Between EcoAutoMo & FITT at IIT Delhi

EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd announces the signing of MoU with FITT at IIT Delhi, aimed towards development of Autonomous Guided Vehicles and co-development of AutoBots Pod Taxi system.

Pod taxi, Personal Rapid Transport, Ecological Autonomous Transportation System

New Delhi, Delhi (August 02, 2022)

EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd and Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) @ Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi have signed a MoU aiming towards development of Autonomous Guided Vehicles and co-development of AutoBots Pod Taxi system. AutoBots is a Pod Taxi system completely indigenously conceived, designed and being developed as a ‘Made in India’ & ‘Make in India’ brand.

The system is an alternative candidate in the urban transportation mode, professing last mile connectivity and delivering highest energy efficiency. It has the dual advantage of being electrically operated, which is in line with the EV policy of the Government and also being elevated thus relieving the road space of traffic congestion in favor of low carbon modes, adding another layer of mobility capacity in the cities. AutoBots is designed to be ~50% cost of competition for the same productivity.

‘Several pod taxi initiatives of the Government of India have not moved beyond the Tendering stage owing to single bid failures during the procurement process. We wish to fill this gap to compete in the market place with a best-in-class pod taxi system that satisfies the customer in all aspects of safety and standards and the users in their experience’ said Anupam Vibhuti, Founder President at EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd. ‘IITD as knowledge partner and technology hub shall be a valuable contributor in the entire development effort’.

‘AutoBots pod taxi system shall be one of the most comprehensive technology systems integration projects that I will be involved with as Principal Investigator along with my colleagues Prof. Sudipto Mukherjee and Prof. B K Panigrahi under this co-development effort’ said Prof Brejesh Lall from the Electrical Engineering Department at IITD. ‘It is indeed exciting, as no such indigenous attempt is being made at any other Institute of eminence’ he added.

Niti Ayog of the Govt of India has expressed confidence in Pod taxis as a sunrise area as early as 2017 and advised promoters to build demonstration systems towards making pod taxis a reality.

About EcoAutoMo

EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd. is a startup company which has the license to utilize and build over a unique patented switching sub-system and method for change of trajectory of pod taxi units for stopping and direction change with the least discomfort to the passenger and the best throughput for the operator.

EcoAutoMo is also mandated to utilize the complete intellectual property and the results of years of research built around the AutoBots concept, by its Founder.

About Foundation of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT) is an industry interface organization conducting knowledge transfer activities and providing superior programs or project management services for last 30 years. The company associates its R&D capacity with IIT Delhi which is already well-known for its R&D capability. This allows them to deliver research outcomes on multiple facets and for multiple purposes at once. The organization provides end-to-end services to the faculties from the institutes to protect and manage their intellectual property, to start-ups or entrepreneurs entering any industry in accelerating their product development and business mentoring, and the industry itself when it requires research and data to optimize their processes, solve their technological challenges and provide validation and standardization. FITT works closely with the industry and is driven by innovation

Set up in the year 1992, FITT has undertaken/accomplished various tasks/ projects/ incubation/ knowledge dissemination by partnering/ networking with various stakeholders – both in the national and international domain.


For EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd

Anupam Vibhuti

For FITT @ Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Prof Brejesh Lall


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