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EcoAutoMo gets to use background IP to commercialize the AutoBots Pod Taxi concept.

EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd announces acquiring the License to utilize the AutoBots concept and Background IP from Tranxit Mobility Pvt Ltd.

Pod taxi, Personal Rapid Transport, Ecological Autonomous Transportation System

New Delhi, Delhi (March 22, 2022)

EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd acquires the license to build the AutoBots concept (background IP and patents) from Tranxit Mobility Logistics Pvt Ltd. to build the foreground IP targeting development of the AutoBots variant for developing countries. (India & SAARC countries, African countries and South East Asia)

The system is an alternative candidate in the urban transportation mode, professing last mile connectivity and delivering highest energy efficiency offering high decarbonization and decongestion potential. AutoBots is designed to be ~50% cost of competition for the same productivity.

India has witnessed tremendous interest in applying the pod taxi system with some State led solicitations failing in the procurement processes resulting from single bid issues.

  • 2021 - Haridwar Pod Taxi Project Here - Study Report Here - Tender issued by Uttarakhand Govt Here

  • 2021 - Jewar Greater NOIDA Pod taxi Here

  • 2017 - NHAI - Delhi Gurgaon Pod taxi Here

  • 2013 - Amritsar Pod Taxi Here

Niti Ayog of the Govt of India has expressed confidence in Pod taxis as a sunrise area as early as 2017 and advised promoters to build demonstration systems towards making pod taxis a reality.

About EcoAutoMo

EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd. is a startup company which has the license to utilize and build over a unique patented switching sub-system and method for change of trajectory of pod taxi units for stopping and direction change with the least discomfort to the passenger and the best throughput for the operator.

EcoAutoMo is also mandated to utilize the complete intellectual property and the results of years of research built around the AutoBots concept, by its Founder.

About Tranxit Mobility Logistics

Tranxit Mobility Logistics Pvt Ltd. was established in 2008 to research use cases and build applications towards solving transportation related problems in India.


For EcoAutoMo Pvt Ltd

Anupam Vibhuti


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